Middle School

Anyone who walks through the hallway of a middle school knows you will find a large variety of students. Some are fast while others are slow, at times emotions run high and then they drop low; some students are meek and mild, while others are loud and wild. At this stage of life, students transition from childhood to adulthood and are trying to discover who they really are. With these major life alterations taking place, there is never a dull moment for teachers as they try to keep up with the constant changes.


Here at YIA, students in grades five through eight are given different opportunities that are grounded in the Word which allows them to explore and develop the skills they have been given. The rest of the curriculum is built upon this foundation to ensure students are taught how to look at different perspectives while remembering the Truth. In the classroom students not only study the core curriculum of English, math, science, and social studies, but also participate in choir, orchestra, computer, PE, and art. Most of the extracurricular activities start in seventh grade where students have the option of joining a variety of clubs including: soccer, volleyball, basketball, running, drama & speech, community service, musical ensembles, and yearbook.


It is our desire that we continue to grow in love and commitment for the One who made us, along with spreading that love to the people we meet.


Miss Tina
7th & 8th Homeroom Teacher/Middle School Coordinator