High School

Welcome to the high school section of the Yanbian International Academy website. Please allow me to give you a brief introduction to the work here.


In the fall of 2008 the headmaster and the parents of the elementary students saw the need to add another level to the school because, after graduating from the eighth grade, the students had no local English option other than home schooling, and the nearest international boarding school was in South Korea.


The next fall, five freshmen began classes in a few rooms of the continuing education department of the Yanbian University of Science and Technology. There were also a junior student and two part-time students who took classes with them. One class has been added each year, and we are happy to announce that this year (2013) eight students make up our first graduating class.


Because of our small size, there isn’t a great variety of classes, but we offer a challenging college preparation curriculum similar to that of most American schools, that has included Advanced Placement classes in Biology, U.S. History, Literature, Calculus, and Music Theory. Instruction is based on a Christian worldview with a strong emphasis on character development in an atmosphere full of love.


We hope in the near future to be able to coordinate dual registration classes which will also grant college credit and to establish a CLEP study center to help students prepare to take college level examinations for credit in the United States.


Small class size and close-knit relationships with teachers give students an extra edge in preparing for college. YIA is a good place to be.


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