Frequently Asked Questions

About the school

Q: What is it like living in Yanji?
A: Yanji is a small city located in Jilin Province, China. It is part of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, in which much of the population have a Korean ethinicity. Life is easier if one is fluent in Chinese or Korean. Once a very small city, it has been rapidly growing. One can usually always spot a construction crane–even up to 15 at once. If you go to the outskirts of the city (where YUST and YIA is located) The air, due to a coal-fueled heating system, was severely polluted, but is getting better. There are many taxis and buses all around the city for transportation that is pretty affordable. Althought it is may not be a very cleanly nor orderly city–still, Yanji has it’s own beauty.
Q: What is the weather like?
A: Yanji is characterized by long, cold winters, hot, dry summers, and short transitional spring and fall seasons. In the winter, the temperature can go down to about -30 degrees Celcius. Weather is still very chilly in March and April, and April snows are not extremely abnormal (YIA once even had a snow day in May). In the summer, the temperature can go up to about 30 degrees Celcius. It is very dry, and the sun’s radiation is very strong. Sunblock is recommended for summer days.
Q: How big is the student body?
A: The whole school is composed of 130 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It has grown a lot in the past 15+ years. The lower grades generally have more students per grade than the upper grades.
Q: What kind of extracirricular activities are there?
A: We have student council, soccer, basketball, volleyball, ansanble, drama and speech, etc. For more information, you can look on the billboard of our school.
Q: Is YIA directly affliated with YUST?
A: Yes, YIA is a direct sub-organization of YUST. YUST paid off some of YIA’s debts resulted from the second-floor construction. President of YUST often visits YIA during the graduation ceremony.

About applications

Q: I am not a Christian. May I still attend YIA?
A: Yes. But non-foreigners(specifically, Chinese) are not allowed to attend because of the Chinese government’s policy.
Q: I am not fluent in English. Will I be granted admission?
A: You will take test and your english skill must be above YIA’s minimum requirement. If you barely reach the minimum, you will be given ESL(English as Second Language) Education, and if you do well in it, you will be able to keep studying in YIA!
Q: Does YIA allow homeschoolers to take some classes at YIA?
A: YIA allows homeschoolers to take some classes at YIA. Homeschoolers must individually meet with the headmaster and the teachers to find out what classes can they take.
Q: When is the right time to apply for a seat?
A: It is best to apply before the beginning of the year(the school year, during August). If you apply during a year, you need to discuss individually with the headmaster.

School Life

Q: Is there anything I must bring on the first day of school?
A: You need to bring writing utensils, 8 notebooks, a wet tissue, a pack of lunch, and a bag.
Q: Are lunches provided at school?
A: No. But rice and water is provided. If you are satisfied with your life, you can mix hot water and rice to create a nice pouridge for yourself! Also, you can buy packed lunch from non-YIA catering businesses.
Q: Are there any dress codes?
A: Yes. At YIA, the length of skirts, shorts, and dresses shall be appropriate. For detailed explanation, see the dress code page.
Q: How many bathrooms are there?
A: There are total 4 bathrooms. Two bathrooms (one girl’s one boy’s) on the first floor, and another two bathrooms on the second floor.
Q: Am I allowed to bring cell phones to the school?
A: Students in Grades E-4 are not permitted to bring cell phones to school.
Students in Grades 5-12 are permitted to bring cell phones to school but are not allowed to use them in the school.
For extra information, see the student’s handbook.
Q: Am I allowed to bring mp3 or other digital players?
A: Yes. But to use them, students need to be permitted by their teachers. It is best just to turn them off and put them in your pockets.
Q: How long is the school period?
A: The school starts at 8:50 for high schoolers and 8:55 for Grade E-8. The school ends at 2:40.
Q: Are there any recesses?
A: Yes. Grade E-8 has 3 recesses and one lunch period each day. Unfortunately, Highschoolers do not have any recess.

Study in YIA

Q: Does YIA offer any authorized tests?
A. It depends every year. For the SAT, the students need to visit other international schools(in Shenyang or in Korea) to take the SAT.
YIA sometimes offer AP tests in YIA but sometime not. Also, Toefl or Toeic tests are not offered in YIA.
Q: Does YIA offer any AP courses?
A. Yes. YIA is currently offering AP Calculus, AP Literature, and AP U.S. History.
To take any AP courses, students need to decide with the teachers in advance.
Q: What subjects do YIA offer?
A. History, Science, Math, Computer, Bible, Music, Art, Physical Education, and other subjects are offered in YIA.