Admission Guidelines

Effective: August 1, 2013

Priority of Applicants

The following table outlines the priority given to students based on the following: affiliation with the Yanbian University of Science & Technology (YUST) or Qualified YIA teacher, origin of passport (student), classroom availability (e.g., size, facility) and parents residence status. The reason for the lower priority levels for those students holding a South Korean passport is because of the availability of the Korean International School adjacent to YIA. This option is not available for non South Korean passport holders. Changes to the priority may be made without notice and at the full discretion of YIA.


Parent Work Status

Student Passport



YUST professors or staff or Qualified YIA teachers or staff

Non-Korean Passport

· Native speakers


Non YUST related (e.g., business, professionals)

Non-Korean Passport


YUST professors or Staff or Qualified YIA teachers or staff

South Korean Passport

· Have attended a non-Korean, English speaking school outside of Korea for at least 2 consecutive years in the past 3 years.


YUST professors or Staff or Qualified YIA teachers or staff

South Korean Passport


Non YUST related (e.g., business, professionals)

South Korean Passport

Qualifications for Application /Acceptance

1. Resident Visa. Students whose parents do not have a resident visa for China cannot apply for the entrance exam and will not be admitted to YIA.

2. English Vocabulary, Oral and Reading (EVOR) entrance exam. All prospective students, except Kindergarten students, must take and pass the EVOR entrance exam.

o All Kindergarten students must take an entrance exam in their first language (if YIA can handle it).

o The entrance exam is normally given once a year prior to the start of the Fall Semester (date is announced each year and is normally around June) and Spring Semester. However, all prospective students will be given the exam to determine acceptance into the school.

o A student who fails the entrance exam may retake the exam the following year. In other words, the student can only take the entrance exam once per academic year. YIA reserves the right to make exceptions at the discretion of the Principal, especially where there is no other school option for the student.

o All students may be interviewed with their parents by the Principal.

3. Parent(s) Residence. While we strongly recommend that both parents reside with the student, at least one parent must physically reside with the student in Yanji throughout the entire academic year. The only exception for the parent’s extended absence will be for parent’s health or a death in the immediate family. Relatives or grandparents are not considered parents. A violation of this rule may result in the expulsion of the student at the end of the semester.

4. Conditional Acceptance. A student who has been accepted and whose first language is Korean will be admitted on a conditional basis for three (3) semesters. After the three semesters, the student may be given a test to determine their English aptitude. In accordance with the results the student may be allowed to continue at YIA or be required to transfer to a Korean-speaking school. All parents will be required to sign a document agreeing with this condition before the child’s admission to the school.

5. Maximum Class/Grade Size. For all grades, the maximum number of students allowed per class is set based on factors such as availability of teachers, classroom, priority…etc . Once the maximum is set for a given class, the class will be closed. Extenuating cases may exist that warrants an exception to this rule, however rare, this will be at the discretion of the Teachers and/or the Principal of YIA.

6. Interview. A personal interview with parents and student(s) may be conducted before any decision to admit a student to YIA.

7. Payment. All required payment (e.g., tuition, fees) must be made in full (no partial payment is allowed) prior to or at the time of admission.

8. Records. Upon admission, a valid transcript of the last two previous school years (if the student is old enough) will be required. All available test scores should also be submitted.

9. Homeschoolers. YIA accepts home school students for study of selected subjects, but these students must have studied in an English-speaking school or in an English-speaking home schooling situation for at least 2 consecutive years. Homeschoolers will be required to follow the same process as new prospective full time applicants.

10. Special Needs. YIA does not accept students with special needs. By special needs, we mean, but not limited to, students with any form of learning and/or learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia), autism (all spectrum), ADHD (mild to severe), mental retardation, physical disabilities requiring special accommodations…etc. Full disclosure must be made of any known issues or diagnosis, whether self or professionally diagnosed – failure to do so will result in the expulsion of the student without refund.

Enrollment Period

The enrollment period for any student is the first two (2) weeks of the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester. Students will not be allowed to enroll in the middle of a given quarter or semester. Plans should be made in advance to take the entrance exams prior to the start of school. See section on “EVOR”.

Absences and Grade Allocation by Age

1. Maximum Absence. Student who is absent for more than 15 school days in one semester will not earn any credit for that semester. The only exceptions are health related, death in the immediate family and/or absences related to visa problems.

2. Date Used for Determining Grade. September 1 is taken as the date of the beginning of the school year with respect to the ages of all new students, both new admissions and transfers.

3. Allocation by Age for K-6th Grade. The allocation of grades by age is as follows:

Kindergarten. Children begin Kindergarten aged 5 years (Western style). Even a child born Sept. 2, 1997 would still only be 5 years

(and 364 days) on Sept. 1, 2003. This child would be a kindergarten child.

Grade 1 Children begin this grade aged 6 years. Grade 2 Children begin this grade aged 7 years.

Grade 3 Children begin this grade aged 8 years. Grade 4 Children begin this grade aged 9 years

Grade 5 Children begin this grade aged 10 years. Grade 6 Children begin this grade aged 11 years.

Rules for Homeschooled Students

1. Homeschooled students will be required to follow all rules and policies applicable to full-time students. This includes, but not limited to, the attendance policies set forth regarding absence, tardies…etc. Homeschooled students may not arbitrarily attend or not attend classes.

Homeschooled students must enroll for a minimum of one (1) semester. Notification must be given to the office for any decision to leave in the middle of a quarter or semester. See “Refund Policy” regarding refunds.

Health Related

1. Lice Check and Results. YIA will conduct head lice inspections for every student whenever one or more of the students gets head lice — or presence of nits/eggs. A student found with head lice/nits/eggs or highly suspect to have them will be sent home for the rest of the day. The decision by YIA is final and parents will not be allowed to dispute the results or question the findings by YIA. Parents will be notified and required to take proper measures to remedy (e.g., apply proper lice medication – available for purchase from YIA) before the student can return. Students that were sent home due to lice will be checked again once they return. Please be advised of this policy about head lice.

2. Flu / Cold / Other Contagious Infections. Any student found with symptom(s) or signs of an infectious or contagious sickness will be sent home. We ask parents to help avoid the need for YIA to send students home by keeping their sick children home.

Standardized Testings

YIA is not an accredited school. As such, YIA is not allowed to offer/administer standardized testing such as SAT, AP,…,etc. YIA students who wish to take the SAT and/or AP testing are currently able to take the test at Shenyang International School ( . AP tests may be taken depending on the availability of the test at SYIS and may be limited. YIA is currently working with Changchun American International School (CAIS) to allow our students to take the SAT. Students and parents are responsible for the following:

· Ensuring that their child/children take the required standardized test. This includes, but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

· registering to take the test.

· paying for all test related costs.

· transportation to and from the test centers.

· coordinating all travel related activities (e.g., hotel, transportation).

· YIA, when deemed necessary, may assist in the process of purchasing train tickets for those students/parents who are unable to do so on their own. This will be an exception to the rule and will be performed on a case-by-case basis. However, it is strongly encouraged that students/parents purchase these tickets on their own.

· On an annual basis, YIA will provide a standardized testing booklet outlining all the dates, testing locations and other useful information/resources for students/parents.


1. Visitations. Only new applicants from an English-speaking country will be allowed to visit our school and participate in classroom activities with the permission of teacher(s) and the Principal. However, the maximum time of participation will be limited to one school day and such request must be made one (1) week prior to the planned visit. Exception to this rule will be at the sole discretion of the Principal.

2. Appointments with Principal. To ensure that the principal is available, meeting with the principal is by appointment only.

3. Raising Issues / Complaints. No parents are allowed to enter YIA to raise concerns or make complaints about the school without prior appointments / notification to the office staff and/or Principal. All such matters must be scheduled and discussed with the principal in the proper location (e.g., principal’s office).

4. Disruptions. No one (parents, faculty) is allowed to shout, raise their voice or show any form of belligerent behavior towards anyone at YIA (e.g., office staff, students, teachers). Those violating this rule will be required to leave the YIA grounds immediately and/or escorted out the proper authorities.

5. PTA. All parents are encourage to be involved in the PTA.

6. Information. Please check the school’s website ( for various updates and information.

Contact Information. Office: 0433-291-7679 Email: (Summer Office Hours: Mondays 9am-11am)