is a place where
real learning
meets real life...

Being booksmart does not necessarily guarantee success in the real world. Yes, education that does not translate into real life application is at best immaterial. We value and promote the balance for knowledge and incarnate learning.


the main thing
the main thing...

Every Monday, we gather together for chapel to sing praises and hear from the Word of God. Our hearts unite to focus on what really matters; loving God and loving others!


is where your heart is...

We know firsthand how difficult it is to leave your home and move to a new place. Various cultural differences make the transition especially hard, but having caring friends can mean the difference between thriving and just surviving. Although homesickness may be inevitable, we hope we can be the body of Christ to encourage and journey along with you to grow in dependence on Him.
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Welcome to YIA
Welcome to YIA.YIA stands for Yanbian International Academy. It is in North Eastern China. Yanji is about 50 miles from Vladivostok in Russia and some 30 miles from the North Korean border.  Our school was founded in 1997 as a part of Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST), and it still is a part of YUST… [more]
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